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Sunny - HP Arms

Created on 4/16/2020

Hot Pilates Express with Elizabeth

Created on 4/15/2020

Sculpt with Sunny- Full Body

Grab some weights and bands & let's move!
Created on 4/14/2020

Andrea Breathe Sculpt

Copy the link below for a curated sculpt playlist to help you move with Andrea. Make sure your playlist plays from top to bottom and is not on shuffle.
Created on 4/13/2020

Sunny - Calm 90

Created on 4/6/2020

Andrea Hot Pilates - Arms Day

Check out Spotify under andreaarkans (all one word) for over 60 Hot Pilates playlists to choose from! All playlists starting with "Hot Pilates #..." are completed and ready to go! Others are still in the works. Pick one, press play, and let's party!
Created on 4/4/2020

Sunny - Sculpt

Created on 4/3/2020

Pilates Legs

Created on 4/3/2020

Elizabeth Hot Pilates Full Body

Created on 4/3/2020

Breathe Hot Series with Amber

Join Breathe owner, Amber Borgomainerio for a 60 minute standing yoga posture flow. Get up out of your seat and let's move!
Created on 4/1/2020

Breathe Calm with Stephanie

Join Steph for a relaxing and restorative class with special emphasis on opening the shoulders and hips.
Created on 4/1/2020

Sculpt with Mike

Created on 4/1/2020

Elizabeth HP Legs - 2000 Rap

Created on 4/1/2020

Breathe Hot 26 & 2 with Adam

Created on 4/1/2020

Victoria Full Body 30mins

Created on 3/31/2020

Breathe Power with Adam

Join Adam for an uplifting power flow.
Created on 3/31/2020

Sunny - Hot Pilates Bunz & Abs

Oh yeah! Let's get that booty moving!
Created on 3/31/2020

Sunny - Breathe Calm

Created on 3/30/2020

Hot Pilates Arms Blast-30 minutes with Victoria

Join Victoria for a 30 minute Hot Pilates Express class. Get ready to work those arms!
Created on 3/30/2020

Hot Pilates - Arms - Uptown Funk

Elizabeth Hot Pilates Arms. If you would like to follow along with an awesome playlist copy the link below:
Created on 3/29/2020

Sunny - Sculpt

Created on 3/26/2020

Sunny - HP - Arms

Created on 3/25/2020

Hot Pilates with Mike O (full body)

Created on 3/23/2020

Breathe Hot 75min w/ Steph

Created on 3/23/2020

Hot Pilates Full Body w/ Steph

Created on 3/22/2020