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Breathe. It’s the first thing you do when you come into this life. And the last thing you do when you leave. Breathe. It’s what you do all day, every day – over 23,000 times on average. Sometimes frantically. Sometimes manically. But usually just automatically and mindlessly.

We’re here to change all that. Breathe. Because we don’t just want you to live. We want you to live to your fullest potential. We want you to tune into yourself. And improve yourself. Every moment of every day. How? Simple. Just Breathe. With intention. And attention. It’s that easy. And that challenging. Because breathing doesn’t begin when you step on the mat. Or end when you step off. It’s a 24/7/365/rest-of-your-life proposition.

Sound daunting? Then stop for a moment. And Breathe. Listen to your inhale. Notice how your nose warms the air on the way in. Then, follow your exhale. And give gratitude as you let it all out. Slow it down. Breathe. It’s so subtle. And yet so powerful. This miracle that gives us life. This tool that can calm our minds, soothe our souls and focus our intentions – whether we’re in a posture or in line at the grocery. Breathe. And build a bridge between your body and soul. Open the door to your true Self. Realize that you are limitless. It all starts when you Breathe.


Breathe Hot Yoga is a local, family-owned Seattle yoga and Hot Pilates studio. Breathe is the brain-child of Amber Borgomainerio and Ross Yearsley and was founded in 2009 right here in the Emerald City.