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Classes At Breathe

Breathe Hot

Get ready to sweat like crazy and cleanse your body from head to toe, bones to skin! Based on the principles of Ghosh style yoga, each Breathe Hot class consists of beathing exercises, standing and floor postures with an emphasis on alignment, breath and stillness. Suitable for all levels, this class is taught without music and is hot!

Breathe Power

Breathe Power is a playful, dynamic vinyasa class that synchronizes breath with movement as postures continuously flow from one to another. There is a strong focus on proper alignment and strength building. Often taught with music, class may include inversions and arm balancing postures. The room is heated to 85-90 degrees.

Breathe Calm

Get ready to chill out and unwind with this slower paced, restorative class. Each class will have elements of Yin Yoga, meditation, breathe work and passive stretching. Suitable for all levels and held in a warm, cozy room with soothing music.

Hot Pilates

Get ready to have fun and high five your neighbor. This high energy fitness class is based on pilates principles that are combined with high intensity interval training (HIIT). Hot Pilates is designed to strengthen your core and burn body fat. Suitable for all fitness levels, class is held in an 85-90 degree room and taught with heart pumping music!

Breathe is proud to offer only the original Inferno Hot Pilates. All of our instructors are certified by Gabi Walters, the founder and creator of Inferno Hot Pilates.
Gabi Walters

Breathe Sculpt

Breathe Sculpt is a perfect mixture of yoga, fitness and physical therapy like movements. Exercise bands are used throughout the class. Breathe Sculpt is suitable for all fitness levels and allows you the flexibility to work at your own pace.