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Membership Policies

Cancellation Of Your Auto-Monthly Membership

You are able to cancel your auto-month membership at any time by giving at least 30 calendar days written notice, via email to , prior to the monthly billing date on which you wish to cancel your auto-monthly membership . Your monthly billing date is defined as the calendar day of the month in which you started your auto-monthly membership. If notification is received less than 30 calendar days prior to your monthly billing date you will be charged for the next billing period and your account will be cancelled as of the next closest billing period whose monthly billing date is greater than or equal to 30 calendar days from the date on which the cancellation notice was received.

Upon receipt of your auto-montly membership cancellation notice you will receive an email confirmation from the office manager as to the effective cancellation date of your membership.

Breathe Hot Yoga does not pro-rate, offer refunds or allow extensions and/or transfers for a canceled membership.

30 Calendar Day Notice Exceptions

Breathe Hot Yoga makes exceptions for the 30 calendar day suspension/cancellation notice for the following circumstances: medical disability, military service, pregnancy or geographic relocation. In these instances we will waive the 30 calendar day cancellation policy if notified prior to the auto-monthly payment date. If your cancellation request falls within these circumstances please provide us with sufficient corroborating documentation in your cancellation email. (e.g. doctor's letter, deployment papers, etc.)

Want To Suspend Or Cancel Your Auto-Monthly Membership?