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Today's Schedule

6:00-7:00AMBelltownBreathe PowerCheyenne
6:00-7:00AMWest SeattleHot Pilates Amanda
6:30-7:30AMCapitol HillHot Pilates Cody
7:30-8:30AMWest SeattleBreathe HotSunny
9:30-10:30AMWest SeattleHot Pilates Becca
9:45-10:45AMCapitol HillBreathe PowerStephanie
10:00-11:00AMBelltownHot Pilates Joe B.
12:00-1:00PMBelltownBreathe HotJoe B.
12:00-1:00PMCapitol HillHot Pilates Mike O
12:00-1:00PMWest SeattleBreathe PowerSunny
4:30-5:30PMBelltownBreathe PowerMike O
4:30-5:30PMCapitol HillBreathe HotJoe B.
4:30-5:30PMWest SeattleHot Pilates Candace
6:00-7:00PMBelltownHot Pilates Susannah
6:00-7:00PMCapitol HillBreathe PowerStephanie
6:00-7:00PMWest SeattleBreathe SculptSunny
7:30-9:00PMBelltownBreathe HotMike O
7:30-8:30PMCapitol HillHot Pilates Joe B.
7:30-8:30PMWest SeattleBreathe PowerJay
Breathe Hot Yoga Logo


Breathe Hot

Sweat like crazy. Detoxify your body. Quiet your mind. Bend your spine. Learn more.

Breathe Power

Flow. Stretch. Breathe. Work your entire body. Move with the music. Flow with your breath. Learn more.

Breathe Calm

Chill out. Unwind from the grind. Deep stretching. Soothing music. Cozy room. Learn more.

Hot Pilates

Have fun. Work out! Burn fat. Strengthen your core. Learn more.

Breathe Sculpt

The perfect blend. Get your workout and your stretch. Learn more.