Yoga at Breathe

Bikram 60 - View Schedule

A condensed version of the Bikram 90 minute class. Same series of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises, however some postures are only practiced once. A great all levels class, particularly when short on time!

Bikram 90 - View Schedule

The traditional Hot Yoga series developed by Bikram Choudury. A healing sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises designed to systematically work the entire body.

Breathe 90 - View Schedule

An intermediate Bikram class, designed by Breathe Founder Amber Borgomainerio. Based on Bikram's 26 postures with 5 additional poses.

Cali Vinyasa Yoga - View Schedule

Basic vinyasa class. Class will move through sun salutations & moon salutations.  Class is practiced in a warm room and listen to the flow of your breath. Suitable for all abilities.

Hot Pilates- Bunz & Abs - View Schedule

A fun and challenging full body workout using Pilates principles and high intensity interval training. Hot Pilates is specifically designed to create long, lean muscle mass, burn fat and increase fitness levels. Class is practiced on a yoga mat in a hot room (95 degrees) and is suitable for all fitness levels! This class will target glutes and abs to help tone, tighten and shed fat.

Hot Vinyasa - View Schedule

Heated flow yoga. Unleash your inner artist warrior in this musical yoga journey that will lead you deep into the perfect intersection of body, mind and emotion.

What is Yoga?

A Time-Tested System

Yoga has been around for centuries. The Sanskrit word yoga generally means to yoke, unite or join. In the earliest spiritual texts of India, the goal of yoga is defined by terms such as moksha (liberation) and samadhi (concentration).

Somewhere between 5,000 B.C. and 300 A.D., "The Father of Yoga", Patanjali, systemized the already existing ideas and practices of yoga. It is unknown whether Patanjali was an individual, or many ancient sages and seers using the same title.

The Yoga Sutras (threads) of Patanjali helped to define rāja* yoga, the earliest type of meditative yoga, as well as hatha yoga, the modern physical exercise that we practice today at Breathe. (*Not to be confused with raja, activity, or rājā, king.)

Yoga was reintroduced to the modern world by luminaries such as B.K.S. Iyengar, K. Pattabhi Jois, Swami Sivananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, and his brother, Bishnu Charan Ghosh.

The Ghosh lineage was brought to the West by his student, world-champion Bikram Choudhury, and is carried on by his students (and champion yogis), including Baron Baptiste, Tony Sanchez and Esak Garcia (who is known to visit us at Breathe!).

Hatha yoga is defined by specific poses or postures (asanas) performed in a particular order, with intense concentration on breathing, and stillness of the mind and body. The Ghosh lineage provides us with 84 postures, the practice of which is historically and scientifically proven to increase the health of all bodily systems, inside and out.

Our Bikram-style yoga classes, more advanced Breathe series, vinyasa yoga and hot pilates will bring practicioners endless challenge, healing and transformation.

Renunciation and Surrender

Yoga is never a waste of time. Come to class with an open heart and a hydrated body and you will be on a path to increased strength, endurance, flexbility, concentration, focus and relaxation.

Renounce the fruits of your labor and enjoy the bliss of detachment from results. Mahatma Gandhi's favorite lesson from The Upanishads is "Renounce and enjoy!" This does not mean indifference to the result. As Gandhi said, "By detachment I mean that you must not worry whether the desired result follows from your action or not, so long as your motive is pure, your means correct."

This idea is why a successful yoga practice is not dependent upon ability, but upon your own concentration, effort, stillness and focus. A great yogi or yogini is skilled not in strength or flexibility, but in honesty, discipline, patience, integrity and consistency.

As yoga celebrates our strengths, it can also expose some of our weaknesses, in a kind and gentle way that ensures we rebuild and rediscover our true selves over time. It is a process and we each bring our own challenges into the room.

"Moving meditation," "individual group practice," and "conscious relaxation" are a few terms that separate yoga from other forms of exercise, and ultimately empower each of us to reach beyond our physical and mental limitations. Surrender to the process and your growth will be truly amazing and profound!