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Tips From Breathe Teachers

Rabbit Pose Tutorial with Modifications

Join Breathe Teacher, Seth Brown, for a breakdown on Rabbit Pose which is commonly practiced in our Hot Series.

Fixed Firm Modification for Stiff/Sore Knees

A common seated pose in our Hot Series, Breathe Teacher Sunny Destination breaks down how to use a block to support the knees in this posture.

Modifications For Stiff Ankles

Does it hurt your ankles to sit hips to heels? Check out this quick and easy tip to alleviate tight ankles in yoga.

Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise - Clear your mind (and your nose!)

Join Sunny Destination, as she takes us thru a basic breathing exercise. This particular breathing exercise is great for reducing stress and anxiety, as well as balancing out both side of the brain.

Yoga Stretch for hamstrings, hips, low back and calves

Feeling right after Hot Pilates? Join Breathe Teacher, Sunny Destination for a quick yoga stretch that can easily be practiced after one of our hot Pilates class. Your hamstrings and calf muscles will thank you!

Crow Pose Tutorial

Join Breathe Teacher, Sunny, for a crow pose tutorial. This pose is commonly practiced in our power series and also at time in our hot series.

Hot Pilates Tips For Beginners

Join Breathe Teacher, Sunny, for a quick tutorial on how to properly hold dumbbells.

Hot Pilates Tutorial- Mountain Climbers

Join Breathe Teacher, Becca Riley for a quick breakdown on how to proper perform mountain climbers. Learn correct breathing patterns and modifications.

Full Camel Posture Tutorial -Intermediate/Advanced Level

Join Breathe Teacher, Nicole Harvey, for a posture tutorial on full camel. This tutorial is geared towards people who are experienced in the Breathe Hot class and are very comfortable with deep backbends.

Breathe Power Tutorial

Join Breathe Teacher, Mike Orgill, for a posture tutorial on 3 yoga poses commonly practiced in our Power class. Here Mike will break down chatterunga, updog and down dog.

Shoulderstand & Plow Posture Tutorial

Join Breathe Teacher, Stephanie Druet as she explains how to practice both shoulder stand & plow. These two postures are commonly practiced in the Breathe Power Series.